Supplier Diversity.

Your Supply Chain and your Workforce are two parts of the same resource pool.

And just as in your workforce, for many similar reasons, diversity in your supply chain is critical for maximum performance.

What is Supplier Diversity?

It’s simply the ways in which organisations who supply you with goods and services, directly or indirectly, are diverse. For example, by size, location, ownership/management/employee demography.

Why it matters for business performance:

Organisations need diversity in their supply chains to:

  • ensure they are getting the best available talent and capability in their supply chains 
  • maximise innovation and creativity
  • meet increasing client expectations on diversity
  • maximise supply chain competition and value
  • gain better knowledge of their marketplace
  • tap niche opportunities
  • support corporate citizenship objectives
Business Development:

Increasingly, organisations are being asked to demonstrate their diversity efforts both internally and in their supply chains on their tenders. We have helped many business development teams to interpret tender requirements and articulate their current and planned efforts organisation-wide for successful tenders, building in-house competency as we work with them.

How you can develop your supplier diversity

Build awareness and understanding:
– Create awareness of supplier diversity and its critial importance for maximum supply chain performance
See our CIPS endorsed open training on Supplier Diversity (LINK)


Review current state, including:

  • Processes – how is procurement of goods and service currently undertaken and what aspects of it help or hinder achievement of diversity in your supply chain
  • Data – what data exists to profle the diversity of suppliers in your supply chain, and what KPIs can you set to monitor progress?

We provide a complete, specialist service on supplier diversity to many clients.

Case Study 1 – PepsiCo

Case Study 2 – Exxon Mobil


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