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Practical Inclusion, Diversity & Equality Solutions


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As specialists in diversity and culture change we work with :

  • Organisations to improve performance and equality through diversity and inclusion; and
  • Individuals to develop their personal capabilities in diversity and inclusion, for example through mentoring, coaching, consulting and training.



  • We systematically assess/audit existing programmes or activities, using our proven methodologies combined with our extensive experience as diversity specialists. 
  • The results are clear identification of barriers to and enablers of success, from which we can make sound recommendations for making sustainable progress. 
  • Our assessment work has the benefit of being independent and tailored to your specific needs.



  • We help organisations to create and implement integrated, holistic and systematic strategies to achieve desired change. 
  • Strategies have to be integrated because they cannot operate in isolation.
  • They must be holistic to ensure there are no inconsistencies; everything is connected. 
  • Systematic approaches allow change to occur in a surefooted and logical fashion, which is also easier to communicate.


Cross-Cultural Awareness

  • We help organisations to anticipate and address barriers and conflicts across cultures
  • Our support comprises practical training, seminars, and consulting solutions 
  • For example, Islamic Awareness



We design, develop and deliver :


Research and Networking

  • We create and facilitate groups of member organisations such as the Diversity Networking Club and Diversity Benchmarking Group.  
  • We undertake research on behalf of clients specific to their needs, either independently or in a facilitation role.



  • Sometimes the best solution requires a specialist working full or part-time as a member of your organisation for a period of time. 
  • This may be to provide additional capacity or lead initiatives with specialist knowledge and experience. 
  • We provide interim personnel who can ably perform these roles for you.


Speaking Engagements

  • Our founder and principal, Harish Bhayani, is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker in people related organisational issues such as diversity, ethics, reputation and change. 
  • The content of his talks is drawn from his wealth of practical experience in research, consulting, work in industry and innumerable experiences in his own life. 
  • He loves giving advice so please do get in touch if you have a need ...


Examples of Specific Projects and Interventions

Diversity Audits and Health Checks ... Best Practice & Benchmarking ... Development of Change Programme ... Diversity Strategy Workshops ... Board Level Strategy Development ... Diversity Committee Education Programmes ... Diversity and Equality talks ... Disability Awareness Workshops ... Diversity Surveys ... Diversity Benchmarking ... Diversity Strategy Review ... Monthly Open Training Programme ... Other Open Events ... Diversity Lunchtime/Dinner Talks ... Balancing the Diversity Strands ... Supplier Diversity ... Tier 1 Supplier Engagement ... Bid Support Work ... Managing Unconscious Bias ... Developing Diversity Policies ... Advice ... Assessments / Audits ... Awareness training ... Benchmarking ... Change management support ... Communication support ... Executive/board level interventions ... Focus groups ... Legislation advice ... Management development ... Needs analysis ... One to one support for individuals ... Personnel process development ... Research ... Strategy development / implementation ... Stakeholder surveys ... Telephone support ... Training design, development, delivery ... Trainer training ... Trouble shooting ... Embedding Programmes ... Diversity Strategy Workshops … Online Training ... Board Level Strategy Development ... Diversity and Equality talks ... Disability Awareness Workshops ... Diversity Surveys … Monthly Open Training Programme ...  Diversity Leadership ... Supplier Diversity Strategy ... Balancing the Strands of Diversity ... Talent Pipeline Development ... Unconscious Bias Audits ...



Practical diversity support that works

Consultancy ~ Training ~ Research

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