Our Services.

As specialists in diversity and culture change we work with:

  • Organisations to improve performance and equality through diversity and inclusion; and
  • Individuals to develop their personal capabilities in diversity and inclusion, for example through mentoring, coaching, consulting and training. 
  • We systematically assess/audit existing programmes or activities, using our proven methodologies combined with our extensive experience as diversity specialists. 
  • The results are clear identification of barriers to and enablers of success, from which we can make sound recommendations for making sustainable progress. 
  • Our assessment work has the benefit of being independent and tailored to your specific needs. 
  • We help organisations to create and implement integrated, holistic and systematic strategies to achieve desired change. 
  • Strategies have to be integrated because they cannot operate in isolation.
  • They must be holistic to ensure there are no inconsistencies; everything is connected. 
  • Systematic approaches allow change to occur in a surefooted and logical fashion, which is also easier to communicate. 
Cross-Cultural Awareness:
  • We help organisations to anticipate and address barriers and conflicts across cultures.
  • Our support comprises practical training, seminars, and consulting solutions. 
  • For example, Islamic Awareness Training

We design, develop and deliver:

Research and Networking:
  • We create and facilitate groups of member organisations such as the Diversity Networking Club and Diversity Benchmarking Group.  
  • We undertake research on behalf of clients specific to their needs, either independently or in a facilitation role. 
  • Sometimes the best solution requires a specialist working full or part-time as a member of your organisation for a period of time. 
  • This may be to provide additional capacity or lead initiatives with specialist knowledge and experience. 
  • We provide interim personnel who can ably perform these roles for you. 
Speaking Engagements:
  • Our founder and principal, Harish Bhayani, is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker in people related organisational issues such as diversity, ethics, reputation and change. 
  • The content of his talks is drawn from his wealth of practical experience in research, consulting, work in industry and innumerable experiences in his own life. 
  • He loves giving advice so please do get in touch if you have a need…

Examples of Specific Projects and Interventions


Practical diversity support that works
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