Covid Resilience

Covid Resilience and Inclusion:

The winners in our new-found, Covid-induced work environments will be those who adapt successfully through their most valuable resource, their people. To work and deliver effectively, your people must feel and be included, but for a variety of reasons they may actually get excluded in their new work environments. These are some examples of issues to consider and address:

  • Assess and address how inclusion of employees is impeded in new Covid-induced work environments (technology, accessibility, working hours, special needs, well-being,…)
  • Re-tune EDI strategies to counter the negative effects of the pandemic – and capitalise on the positive effects (yes there are some!)
  • Adjust training plans to optimise inclusive, remote delivery
  • Adjust recruitment processes to access diverse talented candidates – you can actually increase your access to talent
  • Devise/review processes for fairness and equality in areas such as reallocation of roles, redundancy planning, creation/mobilisation of special teams, etc
  • Use ‘nudges’ to create more robust support systems and increase employees’ ‘psychological safety’ and wellbeing
  • Identify and address pandemic-induced unconscious bias effects

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